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The book project

We know we can't do everything, but we CAN DO THIS!

What can we do?? We can provide the means to give women in poorer countries (starting with Nepal) the skills to be able to provide for themselves and their children By teaching women economics skills or providing them with the means to generate an income we can ensure that women live better, safer and more healthy lives. NOT ONLY THAT we can ensure that the orphanages will not be so full of heartbreakingly 'given-up' or abandoned children. We can keep women and their children together! Learn more about how we do this?

How can we do this? It couldn't be more simple .......BUY THIS BOOK.

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The Book Project

The 100 women Book Project started with a new  friendship between a British woman and a Swedish woman.  It grew because of many other friendships between women of different nationalities in Britain sharing a pleasure and a common goal.  it will be successful because women around the world will join together in friendship to help those less fortunate than themselves.

How can we do this?Join our 'Friendship' group and know you are doing good


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Latest News

theBook Project has just launched its first book! A 100 women from Britain. The lives of women in developed countries differs greatly from the lives of women in underdeveloped countries. With this first book we want to give women all over the world the chance the learn from each other.

What Is It?

theBook Project is an initiative started to support organisations that help empowering women in underdeveloped countries. In many countries women do not have the same opportunities as males do. Education, employment or going out with friends is unheard of.. But an educated girl with a proper job is in many cases the solution for a country's better future! Read here how the Book Project started and what you can do.


If you have any questions or comments about theBook Project, or if you come up with any other ways of helping the women of the world, please contact us by email and we will get back to you shortly.


If you have already read the book, or you just want to help us out a little more... please donate and help us help other women

Who could resist this winning combination of a fascinating read that gives an insight into women’s everyday lives with the bonus of supporting a cause that must be close to most women’s hearts.
Hanna-Gael Darney
The BOOK PROJECT is special to me as I believe we are helping women to learn skills that are not just for now but for their future and I look forward to seeing it progress and grow.The book is a wonderful start and I am confident it will entertain as well as inspire everyone.
Anne Fisher


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